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STM Verkehr GmbH has been established in 2013 . The firm has been expanded in 2016 due to excellent references and high demand. Our private clients and partner companies quickly appreciated our high customer service and competitive price structure in the “passenger transport” segment.

STM stands for: Société de Transport de Munich. STM Chauffeur Services embodies a dynamic Bus & Limousine Company that caters to the individual needs of private clients and businesses alike.

Our aim is to provide our guests a safe and, above all, comfortable journey doubled by personal attention to particular details.

It is of the utmost importance to us that our vehicles are renewed every two to three years, to provide you with state of the art buses and limousines throughout the year.

We offer chauffeur-limousine services for personal tours in various foreign languages, business trips, impressive motorcade for official occasions, Airport, Railway and Crew transfers as well as short-term rentals (by the hour) in Bavaria and the surrounding areas.

Alexandru Sacuianu
Owner, Manager
German, English, Italian.

Anna Morena
German, English, Spanish.

Petru Munteanu
German, English, Russian.

Helmut Grohmann
Company Booker
German, English.

How We Work

There are several different ways to book our transportation service, so you can choose the one that suits you best.
You can book for yourself or on behalf of others by using the booking system you find on our website (www.chauffeur-services.de), email (info@chauffeur-services.de), phone (+49 89 201 871 58).

Online reservations should be requested 24 hours prior to your scheduled transportation service to confirm the availability. Scheduling a service by phone requires a notice of a minimum of 4 hours.

Reservation confirmations are sent via email immediately after our booking procedure is completed from your side.


STM Verkehr GmbH knows just what you need after a long flight! Let Imperial Ride indulge you in a lavish and comfortable ride to your destination. We provide affordable London Chauffeur Services with luxury and style.
STM Verkehr GmbH values their customers more than anything. We would never compromise on our service quality.
STM Verkehr GmbH believes in maintaining a relationship with all their travelers—which is why we bring you jaw-dropping deals that will surely convince you that we’re a keeper! That too, safe and sound. Our Reliable transfer is what we’re known for.
STM Verkehr GmbH offers chauffeur services that are bound to please you. Our drivers are specially trained to give you the sweetest ride you’ll ever have.

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